A new Coronavirus strain worries scientists

A new mutation found in South Africa is almost like a new virus

Most countries in the world have already begun vaccination using the Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, and Astra-Zeneca vaccines, which have a range of efficacy from 50-95% and are approved by regulatory agencies around the world.

Some countries like Israel are doing really well, per capita, while others such as France are struggling with logistics and a lack of trust in the vaccines by 40% of their population.

If everything goes according to plan, the majority of the population in developed countries might be inoculated by Q4 of this year. In other countries such as Brazil or Mexico, the expectation is that herd immunity will only be reached sometime in 2022. Therefore, in the best-case scenario, masks, and social distancing measures will be on until 2022.

However, the virus seems to have other plans for us.

A new mutation coming from South Africa seems to be strongly resistant to past immunity. Although more studies are necessary to confirm the lab results, it may mean that if you were infected by the first wave of Covid-19, or even if you got vaccinated, the chances of catching the new strain are up considerably.

Why should you care?

Due to the success of vaccines, many people think the pandemic is almost over but, in truth, it may end only by the middle of 2022 or even 2023. Unless you're in Taiwan or New Zealand, this won't be a year where you'll be able to party or go to large events in most of the world as the use of masks and social distancing will still be in place

If you are a student tired of online classes and lockdowns, you may need to renew your patience for your safety and the safety of others around you. Ask for psychological help when necessary. If you're about to hit the market for your first job, prepare for working online most of the time.

The good news is that more opportunities will reach a larger part of the population outside the large cities and they'll be able to make more money while having lower costs and a better quality of life. This, actually, might be the new normal.

Please follow the science and get your information from trusted sources so we can get Covid-19 past us soon.