Synthetic video and voice are here to stay

Human actors will be replaced by their digital counterparts sooner than we think

Have you ever dreamed of hiring a professional actor to say whatever you want for your school assignment, company introductory video, or even to replace you at conferences? Now you can!

For only $3 per minute, the startup Synthesia allows you to create videos using synthetic actors, online. Just write what you want them to say, choose your avatar, choose a language, and voilá. It is that simple.

Why should you care about this technology?

The advances in AI have been exponential and it will impact all industries. We've been talking for quite some time about the threat of artificial intelligence to actors. Now a startup from the UK is making our predictions a reality by combining voice synthesis, deepfakes, and realistic 3D models.

Soon all digital media will be generated by AI including humans, animals, scenarios, paintings, illustrations, and photographs. The world will be a different place in a decade.