Learn how AI helped to create the most ambitious game ever made

Understand why Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is a revolution

When we say artificial intelligence is disrupting all industries, we mean it. The latest example of disruption comes in the form of a game: Flight Simulator 2020. The latest episode in the series, which is actually the oldest Microsoft intellectual property (yes, it pre-dates Windows), has mapped the entire world with an astonishing level of detail and ambition, including tens of thousands of airports, dense cities, and even sparsely populated areas.

The secret to the success of MS Flight simulator 2020 lies mostly in analyzing photogrammetry data with advanced artificial intelligence, understanding the images and the data to recreate, on the fly, the buildings, nature, and details in glorious 3D. This task would be impossible to accomplish by using only human artists. The video below explains how the whole process has been done and should be a must-watch for students interested in both game design, 3D modeling, computer science, and artificial intelligence.

Why is this important to know?

Understanding artificial intelligence will be a fundamental skill to all future professionals and this is a very illustrative example of how it works in a product everyone understands.